What is the operation method of PU toy crystal glue?


PU toy crystal glue ①The environment of the glue machin […]

PU toy crystal glue

①The environment of the glue machine should be as clean and dry as possible.

②Check the sealing parts regularly to ensure that there is no conflict with the cleaning solvent and glue used, and no chemical reaction.

③Check the mixing ratio regularly.

④ When changing the glue bucket, empty the pipeline.

⑤When filling the barrel, carefully pour the glue into the barrel to avoid foaming.

⑥Try to avoid the glue contacting air.

⑦The two components maintain the same correct temperature.

⑧It is forbidden to use fire to heat the lid to help unscrew it, which will cause the seal to fail and cause glue pollution.

⑨It is recommended to choose a room with a constant temperature and dust-free, with a hygrometer, and clean it before tightening the lid, because the PU resin is very sensitive to the factors mentioned above during curing.