What is the introduction of pu ball?


Pu is abbreviated polyurethane for polyurethane. Pu has […]

Pu is abbreviated polyurethane for polyurethane. Pu has the characteristics of resistance to tortuosity, good softness and high tensile strength. It also has breathability that PVC does not.
PU ball advantages: realistic color, smooth surface, bright color, cute shape, not discouraged, durable, good rebound, safe to use, soft and comfortable product, suitable for men, women and children!
PU ball function: It is a new type of higher-grade toy, which can be used for gifts, collection, decoration and gifts. Advertising balls can be printed for advertising purposes!
Variety of PU balls: a variety of products with different styles, such as PU balls (supply of PU golf balls, basketballs, footballs, baseballs, tennis balls), key ring types, mobile phone racks, etc.

Introduction of the characteristics of PU toy ball
The pug toy ball is also called PU foam ball, which is a product belonging to the category of sponge. It is also called puball in foreign countries. Pu toys and pu toy balls are all made by opening molds. Pu toy ball types include pu toy football, pu toy baseball, pu toy football, pu basketball, etc. Types of pu toys include pu hearts, pu fruits, pu animals, and pu food.

The advantage of the pu ball is that it can be used for corporate gift promotion. It is a very good decompression product. It is very good for alleviating mental and physical stress, so it is also called a stress ball. Pu toys also belong to the pressure ball range, but the shape is more complicated and there are many styles, which is the best performance of anime and cartoon products.

PU toys are a new type of higher-grade toys, safe to use, non-toxic, smooth surface, cute shape, bright colors. Soft and handy, it will spring back to its original shape shortly after being squeezed. It is the first choice for gifts, collection, decoration and gift promotion.