What are the reasons why children choose PU toys?


The wide variety of toys on the market now dazzles pare […]

The wide variety of toys on the market now dazzles parents. There are many kinds of materials for making toys, but gradually it seems that many parents have a preference for PU toys. This is because PU toys have the following three advantages:

The first advantage: high security
Babies always like to put toys in their mouths or eat after playing with toys. Therefore, if the toys are not selected well, they may cause harm to the baby. The external coating of PU toys is completely non-toxic coating resin, which is not toxic and will not cause skin and respiratory allergies. Therefore, the toy material itself will not pose any threat to the baby's safety.

Second major advantage: not easy to damage
From a few months after birth, babies like to throw toys on the ground. When they are older, they will deliberately smash the toys or disassemble the toys. PU toys have a very strong skin, which is not easy for young children to tear, and will not shed chips. It is easy to clean and can be cleaned with general detergent.

The third advantage: diverse styles
A variety of products with different styles, such as PU toy balls (supplying PU golf, basketball, football,  baseball, tennis), animals, vegetables, fruits, cakes, cartoon characters, etc. PU modeling is based on real objects, it is very realistic, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity, it is a rare and excellent decoration.