What are the material characteristics of PU toys?


The following 6 characteristics of PU toy materials: ①E […]

The following 6 characteristics of PU toy materials:

①Environmental protection, all raw materials are used for production, (due to its non-recyclability, its cost is higher than that of plaster, wood, and resin), which effectively reduces forest logging, protects nature, and is pollution-free.

②Moth-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, acid and alkali resistant, non-cracking, non-deformable, washable, and extremely durable.

③Fire protection, the product has passed the national B2 level inspection and has the characteristics of non-spontaneous combustion and non-combustibility. It can be automatically extinguished when it leaves the fire source.

④Light weight, good hardness, good elasticity and toughness. It can be sawed, planed and nailed, and can be bent into various arc shapes at will. No need to reopen the mold. The construction is simple, and the time spent during construction is at least half of the time spent on normal plaster and wood (the construction method is exactly the same as that of the wood). Precautions for construction: a glue b gun nail c cutting head should be inclined at 45 degrees to prevent shrinkage.

⑤Diversity, the product is shipped in white as the standard, (the surface layer is made of special PU coating) on ​​the white basis, the color can be matched at will, and it can also be used for antique, gold, bronze and other special effects, and it is easy to wash.

⑥The surface pattern is clear and lifelike, with a strong three-dimensional effect.