Vent toys analysis


Vent toys is gradually into the market in the sound wav […]

Vent toys is gradually into the market in the sound waves of condemnation, quchaowanju or more vent through the production and development of a toy company worth hundreds of millions. Especially since the 21 century, vent toy market is even more prospects, many parts of the city can be seen stall selling vent ball vent chicken toy vendors, and vent kinds of toys from the development to the previous several sorts vent toys and even become one of the main entertainment tool for white-collar workers, students and children. By Market
On the part of the vent collected toys, it existing vent toys can be divided into the following categories
Toy beaten
Beat, sound, the sound is generally a miserable cry or funny voice, and also with some toys
Exaggerated physical changes, continue to beat people by this toy, which relax the mind
Spanking toys
This is a toy to pass the boring time, but also an effective means of stress relief. This design is a very spanking expression picture brought back the urge to want to beat you, and each nest material interesting toys are exquisite, each beat will make different sounds. The toy figure is relatively small, fit in the restaurant phone, holiday, living room, entertainment venues, we take a bus, et al.
When boredom, relieve tension a good choice.