These toys not only play well on the hands, but also decompress themselves.


Recently more annoying / more annoying / more annoying […]

Recently more annoying / more annoying / more annoying / always feel that the banknotes are hard to earn every day / friends often intentionally or unintentionally ridicule / I may change the name to be a turnover

I don't know what kind of mental state you are now opening an article. It’s happy, it’s sad, or it’s a bit boring and a bit annoying. According to research, appropriate negative emotions have certain value for people and have a promoting effect. However, if negative emotions are overwhelmed in your heart, not only will you be physically and mentally exhausted, but it will also affect your normal routine and life. Relieve the pressure, in addition to looking for people to talk, the sea to eat a drink, you can also play some toys to extract.

Infinitely squeezed bubbles

Unlimited squeezed air bubbles is the first generation of decompression toys launched by Bandai Bandai. I believe that when you are a child, you must not do less. Every time you have a glass of expensive express or home appliances, there is a lot of bubble plastic inside. The film was pulled out, and the squeaky squeezing was clean, and the feeling was very sour.

This toy simulates the effect and feeling of squeezing bubbles, and it is also suitable for carrying it. It can also be squeezed and squeezed repeatedly. I don't know if you are already itchy.

Puti Puti

Unlimited edamame

Unlimited edamame is the second generation of decompression toys launched by Bandai Bandai. This toy is actually a small plastic edamame, and each toy pod has three small edamame with different expressions. Take it in your hand and squeeze it. When it's bui, it will poke out. There is a material connection between the small soybeans and the pods. It won't be completely squeezed out by you. When you let go of the hand, it will be pulled back. It is. The toy is very small and can be hung in the keychain and carried at any time.

Unlimited tearing

Unlimited tearing is the third generation of decompression toys launched by Bandai Bandai, and it is also a popular decompression product. This toy is very simple, with a button battery inside and a variety of built-in sounds. When you tear open the plastic strip on the small box, it will make you burst out of the crispy bag, and also simulate the tearing feel, very realistic, repeated tearing to tear off and stop Come down.

Peri Peri Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube was created by Antsy Labs and crowdfunded at Kickstater, successfully harvesting 154,926 supporters and production capital of $6,465,690, a very successful toy.

It is as small and portable as the previous toys, but the value of this toy is very high, and it seems that the mechanical body exudes a sense of technology. When you are in a daze, you will keep pressing the pen, or your fingers will be on the table, and when you have nothing in hand, you can't finish it.

Each side of the Fidget Cube simulates different operating conditions, switches, joysticks, buttons, gears, steel balls, and more. It is quite advanced in playability, it can be said that it is an advanced plaything of decompression, and may help you concentrate on some aspects.

Screaming chicken

This 'chicken' can be said that everyone is very familiar with it, or the original appearance, or the familiar call. This is a rubber turkey toy with a weird posture and a strange call. The gameplay is also quite rich, from the back to pinch it scary, or throw it under the pillow, even you can give it a certain gas, let it scream. When you are depressed, you can slap the table and hit the sandbags. Finally, your fist is still painful. It is better to pinch the screaming chicken.

Laying hen

It is the compatriot of the screaming chicken, called the laying hen. The screaming chicken is squeezed and screamed. The laying hen is pressing the 'laying egg'. This egg can be said to be very 'fresh'. There is no eggshell, only 'egg and egg yolk.' This is a key pendant toy that was popular in South Korea. It is very portable and crowded to keep laying eggs. If you like this feeling like 'river', you can try this decompression tool. If you feel sick, choose other toys.

Laying hen

Beauty vocal pen

This can be said to be a more vulgar decompression toy, its role in addition to pen, but also decompression. When you put your pen in the 'special entrance' of the toy, the toy will make a miserable cry. Hey, you can use it as a 'Voodoo Doll' to punish the person you hate. Of course, this is the inner self-comfort. This toy not only has a female model but also a male model. You can choose it according to your preferences. I have not described it much. You can experience it yourself, maybe it is a good experience.

Fingertip gyro

When the fingertip gyro was first developed, it was actually used by people with autism. While turning it on one side, it also needs to concentrate on doing another thing. To be honest, I still don’t understand why it is developed for autism. Patient's. Of course, the fingertip gyro plays a mitigating role when it is anxious and nervous. It is said that the gyro can increase your concentration while rotating your fingertips.

Because of the different materials, the grade of the fingertip gyro is also quite rich, there are bargains that are casually played, and there are also commemorative limited high-end gyros. Moreover, the fingertip gyro has a variety of playing skills. The video on the fingertip gyro on YouTube has reached more than 11,400,000. It can also be said to be a very popular decompression tool, not only decompression, but also 'show'.

The players with strong hands-on ability can also manually DIY fingertip gyro, and the core components are also produced in a very detailed tutorial.

In addition to the above, have you played any decompression toys?