Polyurethane use and its product performance


The CPU product is produced by casting. Because the raw […]

The CPU product is produced by casting. Because the raw material is liquid, it is suitable for making large or very large elastomer products and very complicated product types.

As a polymeric elastomer material, polyurethane is a new type of material between rubber and plastic. It has high mechanical strength, good elasticity in a wide range of hardness, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and radiation, so it is widely used.
The main product types of CPU elastomer: 1. PU rods and plates
The PU rod has a standard mold, the length is 300MM, and 500MM, produced by a casting machine, the product is solid and hollow. These products are mainly used as springs and stamping dies to cushion. The elastic parts are mainly used in mechanical equipment such as punching machines, which can protect the equipment from damage and ensure the quality of the products. PU rods are used in many industries and can be machined to make the required parts and parts.

PU board: It can produce products of different thickness, length and width. PU board is mainly used for cushioning, compression and load bearing, such as molding equipment, sand blasting machine room, steel factory, ceramics factory, electronics, grain, building, etc. A workplace that requires the elasticity and wear resistance of a PU sheet. The PU board can be processed into seals, molds and accessories as needed.

The special-purpose wear-resistant group anti-static liner can be used in the silo pipe of the port terminal, the belt unloader and the construction machinery.

PU slabs are available in polyether, polyester and specialty polyols, with different materials and different properties and environments. The polyether type has good elasticity and low temperature flexibility, and has excellent hydrolytic stability. Polyester type products are resistant to oil, corrosion, weak acid and alkali, and wear resistant than polyether. Therefore, according to the use environment and performance requirements of the product, the raw materials to be used should be selected.
Second, PU sheet, coil
The thickness of PU sheet is from 0.5MM to 16MM, the width is 300MM, 500MM, 600MM, 1000MM, etc. It is generally polyether type, widely used in electronics, ceramics, grain, machinery manufacturing, machining and other industries; Static sheets can be used in electronics and electrical production lines.
PU squeegee: According to the environment used, squeegee is divided into two categories, one is mainly used in ceramic glazing line, wood industry and other industries with very low polar solvent content; the other is solvent-resistant squeegee This type of product is mostly used in circuit board manufacturers and printing industries. The squeegee is a polyester type product, and the hardness and size of the product vary depending on the model and product requirements used.
Color: natural, red, green, blue, brown, etc.
Hardness: 50A, 55A, 60A, 65A, 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A thickness; 5MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM, 10MM Width: 35MM, 40MM, 45MM, 50MM
Length: 3000MM
Third, the use of CPU products in all walks of life, such products are generally non-standard parts, according to customer requirements, and need mold to be processed.
1. PU marine hose protection sleeve: control the swinging arc of the marine hose, used for the protection of marine petroleum hoses. The product is resistant to impact, acid and alkali, durable and so on.

2, cast polyurethane cleaner scraper: widely used in electric power, mining, coal, transportation machinery, cleaning and other industries.
Function and characteristics: 1. Good wear resistance and long service life.
2, good resistance to moisture and water.
3, the cleaning effect is good.

3. Pulley: The wheel core of this product is 45 steel or aluminum alloy, and the wheel surface is high-tech polyurethane. The sliding effect is good, wear-resistant and durable.
4, color concrete polyurethane imprinting mold, variety, new style, simple construction, good effect, durable.
5, color concrete embossing die with a pier, the inner layer is 3MM steel plate, outer polyurethane, stainless steel handle.

6, wear-resistant wheels: high temperature, quiet, shock absorption, good elasticity, heavy load, and is not easy to degumming. Long service life, mostly used in the mechanical industry, transmission.

Cable car loader
The line pressure wheel of the stone factory The load wheel of the row crane The solid wheel of the forklift The elevator guide wheel
Door and window guide wheel
Wood floor production plant feeding wheel
Polyurethane cutting wheel for glass fiber factory
Straightening wheel: Externally poured polymer polyurethane straightening wheel, mostly used on conveying equipment
Various types of bearings are cast in high quality polyurethane with hardness from 70A-80.

The pouring type polyurethane front wheel has the characteristics of not injuring the ground during use, leaving no contact with the ground, and being beautiful and light.
Pressing paper wheel; paper processing enterprise, used to flatten paper, also known as the sun wheel.

7, skateboard wheels, ice skates
8, rubber roller: due to its wear resistance and solvent resistance, it is widely used in printing and packaging, transmission, transportation, paper, wood, aluminum, printing iron, electronics and other industries. There are wear-resistant rubber rollers, printing rubber rollers, UV rubber rollers, printing iron rubber rollers, laminating rubber rollers, drive rollers and the like.

A. The copper tube factory is equipped with high-tech polyurethane tray pulling roller. It has excellent high temperature resistance and wear resistance at high speed of conveying copper tube, and does not damage copper tube, mute, grease resistance and durability. .

B, PU ground roller: used for belt conveyor, antistatic, flame retardant, high hardness, no spark during use, protect wire rope
C. Pressing roller: impact-resistant buffer spring, PU pressure roller with high wear resistance and high temperature resistance above 130, polyurethane series for antistatic and flame-retardant coal mine underground.
D, polyurethane metallurgical rubber roller for cold rolled stainless steel plate
9, impact-resistant buffer spring, viaduct buffer block, bridge telescopic isolation block; 10, PU anti-collision parts and polyurethane moving wheel blocker, used in industrial machinery and equipment.

11. Outer polyurethane spray gun on sandblasting machine, PU handle for spray gun; PU sandblasting accessories: PU gun, PU pump, PU nozzle, PU handle, PU joint, PU hinge, etc. The product is resistant to impact, wear and durability, mainly used. In the spray industry.

12, PU thrust boots: used for subway shield machine, digging machine; PU sealing plate: PU shield plate for subway shield machine. With wear resistance, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, buffer, mute, etc.
13, polyurethane road column, mainly used for traffic safety signs, product specifications: Φ80 * 750, cast type This product has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, impact resistance, not easy to break, no fading, durable and other characteristics.

14, cast polyurethane pressure suction cup, mostly used in industrial applications, used to absorb wood, iron plates, etc. The product has good elasticity, strong adsorption, durability and so on.

15. Polyurethane silent gear and synchronous pulley, with wear resistance, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and durability. 16. PU guide groove for PU channel
17, pu piston, is high temperature resistant, high wear resistant pu products
18. Casting polymer polyurethane buffer spring, suitable for automobile manufacturing plant, stamping die industry, etc. It has high wear resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance and other superior performance. In addition, it has good cushioning, quiet and long service life.

19, polyurethane gear / seal / coupling wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance, service life is 5 to 7 times that of rubber. 20, PU bushing: PU products instead of copper sleeves used in excavators Such as mechanical vibration
21, industrial PU solid ball and shock absorption ball series, good elasticity, sound absorption, shock absorption, decompression, durable.
22, Pneumatic switch with all-polyurethane diaphragm, with wear-resistant, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and durable. 23, PU pipe elbow, PU mechanical parts and V-shaped guide wheel, our company also processing a variety of mechanical accessories
24, PU pipe cleaner: the product is mainly high-speed sliding, wear-resistant, quiet, high anti-aging, widely used in oil fields, mines, etc.
25, PU spray machine nozzle / shotcrete machine combined plate, lining: polyurethane instead of steel, and polyurethane is not hydrophilic, easy to clean the nozzle, durable. Protect the wire rope;
PU pump, PU scraper and other products, the product is impact resistant, wear resistant, acid and alkali resistant, durable. 26, PU soft connection, PU flange and PU sleeve, casing.

27, polyurethane rubber sieve plate: coal, mineral processing, quarry drilling mud recovery and urban waste treatment and other departments are inseparable from various specifications of the sieve machine.
28. Polyurethane friction pad: Polyurethane mine lifting tank cage wheel (can ear); single rope winding type mine hoist, floor multi-rope friction hoist wheel liner, tower multi-rope friction hoist guide wheel lining pad.

29. Large mining dump trucks hang the main sealing ring, dust ring and buffer block. The 100-ton mining electric wheel dump truck is one of the joint mining equipment for the development of 1,000-ton mines in China. It is now widely used in large open-pit coal mines in China. use.
30. Pipeline lining, mainly used to prevent grease and corrosion