How to use toys to guide children not to be selfish?


Children's self-awareness develops at around 2 years ol […]

Children's self-awareness develops at around 2 years old, and soon takes center stage in their emotional and social life. Their most important task at this time is to differentiate themselves from others. Their way of thinking determines the development of their self-cognition from concrete to abstract, which means that they first pay attention to the image and behavior of themselves and others, and not long after that they begin to notice inner things such as desire, belief, and purpose. , Ability and attitude. Their self-awareness comes from specific possessions and actions, and they spend a lot of time to prove that they have these things. The stronger their self-awareness, the stronger their desire to possess things. If they have not fully differentiated themselves, they will think that everything belongs to them, "As long as I see it, it is mine." "Selfishness" is normal. This is a necessary stage for a child to grow up. She has to figure out what is hers and what is not hers. This process is accompanied by conflict and pain, so she cried.

When she robbed others' toys and cried, you can only show sympathy, watch her quietly, and let her cry. She would often forget why she felt painful when she was crying. You have to remind her, "This is XX, you really have to get his consent to get it." Then she remembered to continue crying, and slowly the concept of property rights Established. Of course, she has the right not to let children play with her own toys. You should not persuade her, otherwise she will have no sense of security about property rights and delay the sharing process. When her toy is robbed, you need to give her a demonstration for a child of this age, find the other party to come back, ask her to hold the toy with you, and tell the other party "This is a ****, please return it." . If you can let go, and the mothers around you have the same educational concept, as long as the forces are comparable, you can even ignore her, rob or rob, sharing between children is often brought about by conflict. This process will take a little longer.