How can PU toys improve perception?


Perception is the main way for babies to learn about ex […]

Perception is the main way for babies to learn about external things and increase their knowledge. In the middle stage of infants, because their speech ability is still relatively low, the information that the baby obtains is mainly the image information obtained through perception, and PU toys with its vivid and exaggerated image and bright and bright colors stimulate the baby to touch with various sense organs. In the process of contact with toys, the baby touches various PU toys through seeing, hearing, mouth tasting, and hand touching, which strengthens the sensibility and observation ability, and promotes the improvement of perception ability.



Parents should create an environment with rich PU toys for their babies at home. The preparation of PU toys should take into account the characteristics of the color, size, and shape of the PU toys. PU toys with different colors and obvious contrast should be prepared for the baby. The size of the PU toys should take into account the baby's height characteristics. In addition, when the baby is in contact with the toy, parents should strengthen the guidance of the baby's perception ability, so that the baby can pick an apple by "jumping". If you can guide your baby to touch flannel, silk, and plastic toys, let him talk about his feelings. Take a look, let him see the difference in the color of the toy, let him choose the toy he likes to play with, compare the color of the toy, so that the baby has a preliminary awareness of the color. In one fell swoop, let him feel the weight of the toy, and also make him feel the heavier balloons and big blocks.