he best decompression toys - for those who want to eliminate the pressure of the occasion


Remember Nerf ball? Early in the "past", which is the u […]

Remember Nerf ball? Early in the "past", which is the ultimate decompression toys. You can bounce from one annoying brother's head, without having to worry about to open his eyes or give him a broken skull, no matter how much you think he deserves it.
In recent years, the popularity of decompression toys multiplied, more and more of its kind. One of the first type is similar to Nerf ball: a soft, small things that can be held in the hand and squeezing when he feels pressure. Then you can hang on the wall of a basketball hoop. For many people, the "ball" but they just angry boss received a memo.
Often dart board with that annoying boss's face. Uniform darts disgruntled employees are satisfied.
Since then, in the development of stress relief toy we have made considerable progress. Toy manufacturers use science and human senses made some amazing items, they not only bring you smash something, you can do more things.
New products from attractive material, may touch the immediate release of stress extruded or drawn. Now, there are bean bags or balls pressure liquid containers, or even your hands rolling Chinese dress.
The good news is that these toys really effective, and inexpensive. You can try the following five ways:
1. massage toy
Massage has long been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, and improve mood. Pressure massage toys can also provide these benefits. You can pick up an animal-shaped hand-held mini-masher, immediately feel relaxed. Plush toy has the same advantages, and have been popular for generations.
2. Meditation toys
Jigsaw provides millions of hours to relax and enjoy the people around the world. They will redirect your thoughts to solve the problem in a stress-free environment. For example, in the 1970s Rubik Cube is very popular, but for many Rubik's Cube, the pressure is greater than it produces relaxation force, because it does not seem to solve. Recently, manufacturers have become very creative. Puzzles using the new format to challenge your skills. When you create an interesting landscape, building blocks must be put together in order to eliminate any space between them.
3. interactive toys
Gardeners will love the new Zen garden decompression toys. These are small boxes with different functions: the backyard garden, sandbox, construction and other areas. To alleviate the pressure, simply enter your scenes to reach out. Hauling rocks. Moving sand. Clean pebbles.
4. Fun Toys
Humor is the best medicine, especially for stress relief. Manufacturers have realized this fact and created some humor you can enjoy the toys. One of the most popular toy is a toy rubber stick. These come in the form of various comics. The idea is that they will be thrown into walls, ceilings and doors to see if they will stick long. Their additional advantage is landing in strange and unpredictable position, which can be very interesting.
5. tight toys
Tight toy is back, but now they have both traditional plastic materials. This makes them ideal for a think tank, as they can help you focus, while alleviating the pressure. Plastic tights will not issue too much sound, so you are less likely to disturb other thinkers in the room.

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