Decompression toy design and analysis office


[Abstract] With economic development, more and more int […]

[Abstract] With economic development, more and more intense competition to work, working people's increasing pressure. They basically most of the time is spent in the office all day, face is that their desks and supplies, office supplies now have failed to meet the diverse needs of their growing requirements. They desperately need a way to reduce stress, ease the mood, but also to meet the needs of office supplies. Starting from the increasing pressure on working people background, based on the unity of today's office stationery, toys comprehensive analysis of the importance of multi-functional office in modern life pressure.

[Keyword] office supplies vacuum pressure functional unity

First, the research and analysis of pressure
A recent online survey of office workers do a entitled "Do you think there is pressure on you," the survey showed that 97% of professionals have very definite answer "Yes." In the survey everyone in the industry, although different, but they have in common are the bear more or less different pressure often feel tired and irritable easily, thereby affecting the progress of work. Working hours can not allow you to do acts outside sports or some other big moves, if the usually common office supplies designed to be more interesting and more fun to some, is not just an ordinary supplies, it can also be used as a stress reliever and mood objects, that is a very wonderful thing.
Second, analysis of the existing office supplies
Now the main office supplies more common are: business card holder, pen holder, message folders, photo frames and so on. In these articles, whether ordinary or brand, displayed in the functioning of markets are relatively simple, just to maintain a state with only a single-use functions only.
Normal: simple shape, a state can be maintained only
The most common form of ordinary pen, but the pen is inserted single function, appearance did not do any major change.
Ordinary business card holder, just insert a pen and adds a clock function, there is no so-called shape design at all.
 the available views type: In addition to keeping the existing use of the function there is a certain story and design