Cixi Jeva Crafts Co., Ltd.

We are a

China pu balls manufacturers and pressure relief balls suppliers

. We especially pay attention to research and development of PU commodity which can improve popular life quality.
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Our advantage

Focus on PU toys for ten years


The company has more than ten years of production experience

our team

More than 100 workers and employees with an experi- enced and professional management team


We provided quality PU balls products, we also do OEM, ODM, OBM and we provide design service



Most pressure relief balls ex-ports to Europe and the United States and so on


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The following 6 characteristics of PU toy material...

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The production of PU foam toys is essentially a pl...

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The wide variety of toys on the market now dazzles...

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To enrich and deepen the children's impression of ...

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How can PU toys improve perception?

How can PU toys improve percep...

Perception is the main way for babies to learn abo...

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